Global Youth Summit on Net-Zero Future

As the flagship project of the Global Youth Climate Week, this year’s Global Youth Summit on Net-Zero Future will be held on Nov. 20. Stay tuned with us for more details!


In 2021, GAUC elevated its third Graduate Forum to the 1st Global Youth Summit on Net-Zero Future, emphasizing climate change in the context of Nature & Biodiversity, Food & Health, Energy, and Transportation.


The Summit focused on “Three Tracks” – the Academic Track, Youth Voice Track, and Action Track – mobilizing youth’s collective power to pressure world leaders for policy action and spark awareness, education, and potential solutions towards global carbon neutrality. With the collaboration of 15 GAUC member universities, 30 events were organized during the week-long Summit, attracting 1.25 million global participants and contributing to the success of COP26.


In 2022, the Summit further evolved into a series of flagship events, known as the “Climate x” Campaign, with the Global Youth Summit on Net-Zero Future as its flagship program. The campaign introduced the “Global Youth Climate Week,” preceding COP, and trained 100 Global Youth Ambassadors from 15 GAUC member universities worldwide through the “Climate x” Global Youth Leadership Training Program. The second Global Youth Summit, organized by these Ambassadors, emphasized themes like Secure and Sustainable Energy, Finance, Nature, Biodiversity and Food, and Adaptation & Resilience. The Ambassadors held diverse online events attracting participation from global partners and presented an open letter to global leaders, urging greater youth involvement in climate governance, which was incorporated into the Sharm el-Sheikh Implementation Plan, the official document of COP27.

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