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    Clean Power
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The event will focus on green energy and the impact of transition from fossil fuels to clean energy.

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    I’m a student, young entrepreneur, active and multitasker person my motivations are saving the environment with new technologies without affecting the environment and I love traveling, playing music, and experience new culture, I face any challenges that comes to me as much as I can without stopping, and I have participated in many volunteering activities the recent one was translating and planting trees with youth speak organization, also I have participated in tedX as an exhibitor and successfully completed and won In five one labs incubator too, I have participated in many other events like design day, and Engineering day…, My goals are a lot and my motto is never stopping success and we must work smart and hard for it. I am not facing many work experience because I’m in the beginning journey of my life, but in my free time I work as a civil engineer with Zakho independence administration, I made an activity to revival Environmental day by giving 350 trees and flowers to people to encourage them to grow plants in their houses with Zakho independent administration and Iam president of ACI UOZ Kurdistan chapter that will soon be out, member at YOUNGO organization, Ye community, wash ‘‘em program, and climate x leadership training program, and 4th winner of StartCup competition that held in Spain, and global youth ambassador nominee.
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    11/23/2023 20:00 - 22:00
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    UTC -12
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