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°Global Youth Climate Week

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°Global Youth Climate Week
Nov. 20 – Nov. 24 2023

Global Youth Climate Week Global Youth Climate Week Global Youth Climate Week


°Why Join Us?

°Why Join Us?


Global Youth Climate Week, one-week before United Nations Climate Change Conference, is a milestone mechanism for global climate governance by convening the climate actions of youth worldwide, to amplify our voices and our climate dedication, preparing our peers to take the lead in building a net-zero future.

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°Message to Youth

Expectations and encouragement from global leading experts and policymakers towards the Global Youth Climate Week and the climate actions of the next generation.

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°100 Co-initiators

°100 Co-initiators


GAUC proposed the Global Youth Climate Week to UNFCCC in Jan 2022 and has called out to its global partners to co-initiate the Week in Oct 2022. Within a month, over 100 co-initiators from 6 continents are aboard to support youth’s climate actions, including UN’s affiliate institutions, international organizations, social enterprises, academic institutions, and even primary and secondary schools.

The Global Youth Climate Week features diverse events that leverage the unique expertise and perspective of the co-initiators, demonstrated the great promise from the entire society to support youth of the world in taking the lead toward zero-carbon future..


The Global Alliance of Universities on Climate (GAUC) was established in 2019 with the mission of providing leadership in global higher education’s efforts to address climate change. The activities provided by GAUC attracted over 300 million global participations. To date, GAUC has 15 prestigious member universities from 9 countries across 6 continents.

Global Youth Summit on Net-Zero Future


Together with other UNESCO units, the entire United Nations family and other various partners, UNESCO Beijing Cluster Office works to find and implement innovative solutions in social, cultural, environmental and economic dimensions, assisting countries to achieve their national development priorities and commitments on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


In order to better support the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Youth 2030: The UN Youth Strategy, UNITAR is pleased to launch the United Nations Youth Leadership Development Programme (UNYLDP), which aims to promote knowledge on climate change, economic and social development, science, and technology, while encouraging youth to pay attention to global issues such as environment, public health, climate change, and refugees.


The Nature Conservancy (TNC) is a leading global conservation organization. Founded in 1951 and with its home office in Arlington, Virginia, TNC works in all US states and 70 + countries. TNC helped conserve a myriad of habitats by using Nature-base Solutions and adapting to local circumstances with a focus on climate change and biodiversity.


ClientEarth uses the power of law to bring about systemic change that protects the earth for – and with – its inhabitants. It works in partnership across borders, systems, and sectors, ingeniously using the law to protect life on Earth. ClientEarth works to bring about end-to-end systemic change: informing, implementing, and enforcing the law, advising decision-makers on policy, and training legal and judicial professionals.


The World Youth Development Forum is initiated by the All-China Youth Federation, supported by the International Labour Organization, United Nations organizations, and the World Economic Forum to advocate for prioritizing youth development and to promote the joint implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Global Development Initiative.

°Mercedes-Benz Star Fund

Under the slogan of “Nurturing the World of Tomorrow,” the Mercedes-Benz Star Fund is the company’s most comprehensive corporate social responsibility program ever, integrating five core pillars including environmental protection, education, music, arts and sports, charity and disaster relief as well as the culture of driving.


Elsevier is a leader in information and analytics for customers across the global research and health ecosystems. Elsevier helps researchers and healthcare professionals advance science and improve health outcomes for the benefit of society.

°Kering Group

Since its creation in 1963, the Kering Group has continually developed and evolved, ultimately becoming a pure player in Luxury in 2018. With its creative vision that combines audacity and authenticity, Kering’s ambition is to be the world’s most influential luxury group regarding creativity, innovation, sustainable development, and economic performance.


The APEC China Business Council (ACBC) was founded on August 16, 2013 in Beijing. The mission of ACBC aims to: cultivate Chinese business leaders with a global vision; engage China’s business sector in regional economic and policy development; foster a sustainable, inclusive global growth through international collaboration.

°Rockefeller Foundation

The Rockefeller Foundation is making opportunity universal and sustainable. We are working to connect the unconnected, grow renewable energy consumption and build the resilient, low-carbon energy system of the future – because clean power builds livelihoods, grows income, improves health outcomes, empowers communities and is a crucial step in tackling climate change.

°Bloomberg Philanthropies

Bloomberg Philanthropies ensures better, longer lives for the greatest number of people by focusing on five key areas: the arts, education, the environment, government innovation, and public health.


UUCN’s network enables collaboration across the UK academic sector to advance climate action nationally and internationally. It disseminates climate change research and analysis, conducts evidence-based public engagement, and shares evidence for climate action with policymakers, including the UK Government.

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°What's going on now?


°What's going on now?


°Global Youth Climate Week