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    Youth and Education
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    Chinese, English
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Focus on issues related to SDGs, such as poverty reduction, quality education, and clean energy, through topics such as topic selection, reporting methods, and perspectives. Such creations will help promote SDGs and increase public attention to sustainable development issues.

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    Sheng ruyu ,Wu Yuting and Zhou Xiyuan ,Guangzhou Institute of Technology live broadcast incubation base
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    The discussion organized by Guangzhou Institute of Technology on climate and sustainable development issues adopted a collaborative approach, and we initiated discussions on the description of future engagement in the new media communication industry. Materials and direction guidance were provided by Wu Yuting and Zhou Xiyuan from Hong Kong University, and Sheng Ruyu and cooperative institutions planned and executed. The discussion was conducted by the Carbon Neutrality Research Institute, Live Studio, and Meicheng Service Center of Guangzhou Institute of Technology, Together with relevant organizations, we screened potential newcomers to participate in the training challenge. After the initial meeting, we selected 5 representatives from enterprises and organizations to provide sustainable environmental education to the newcomers, Li Andi, Chen Hongru, and UNDP's sustainability as an example It can cultivate sustainable development awareness among new media professionals, increase their participation in global media events, and integrate SDGs and climate issues into their creations to promote the impact of sustainable development and climate action. It encourages new media professionals to incorporate Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into their content creation in media events.
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    04/19/2024 00:00 - 06/21/2024 00:00
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    UTC -8
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