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    Youth and Education
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    Chinese, English
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The event focused on two main topics: the sustainability of power systems and climate, and how data structures can be used to improve computer design. In terms of power systems and climate, measures to achieve sustainable development are proposed, including energy efficiency, renewable energy, smart grids, energy storage technologies, and carbon capture and storage. In computer design, the emphasis is on selecting the right data structure, optimizing performance, using high-level data structures and combining programming language features to improve the efficiency of algorithms and programs, laying the foundation for sustainable climate development from a technical point of view

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    Sheng ruyu /Mathematical Modeling Association of Guangzhou Institute of Technology
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    The Mathematical Modeling Association is a research and academic society affiliated with the School of Mathematics and Statistics, Computer Science and General Education, and is open to the whole university. Organizing, training and participating in the National Modeling Competition. It is committed to providing a platform for all students to understand modeling, carry out modeling activities, and exchange modeling experience. Its purpose is to enrich students' university life, improve their professional quality, and stimulate students' interest in learning. Using the language and methods of mathematics, through abstraction and simplification, a powerful mathematical method can approximate and "solve" practical problems. It is linked to mathematical and practical problems
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    04/20/2024 12:00 - 06/08/2024 22:00
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    UTC -8
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