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    Saudi Arabia
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The one-day workshop was held in Khobar, Saudi Arabia to discuss the role of artificial intelligence in achieving sustainable development goals.

The event started with introductory presentations covering the basic concepts of AI, such as supervised learning, unsupervised learning, reinforcement learning, and neural networks. Real-world examples were given to illustrate each topic.

This provided the foundation for later discussions on applying AI technologies. We explored how AI can monitor environmental systems and ecosystems based on collected data.

After the AI overview, we shifted our focus to sustainable development goals, or SDGs. We discussed SDG 9 on industry, innovation, and infrastructure, as well as SDG 11 on sustainable cities and communities. Saudi projects aligned with these goals were highlighted.

Regarding SDG 13 on climate action, we explained the difference between climate and weather, as well as climate change impacts. We also presented the kingdom's contributions to addressing climate risks.

Engaging activities followed, where attendees were shown AI-related images and asked to link them back to the concepts learned and activities related to SDG. This interactive approach tested their understanding.

The day concluded with a hands-on tree planting activity. Students had the opportunity to participate in afforestation, which aimed to mitigate the climate change impacts discussed earlier.

Overall, the workshop provided a comprehensive overview of AI's potential for sustainability, while also promoting the importance of SDGs. It was rewarding to facilitate discussions on building a greener future through technology.

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    Spenviro x Benna
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    10/21/2023 10:00 - 16:00
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