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The meeting focused on the theme of "Risk and Resilience". Everyone shared their latest research results on "Prevention and Control of Several Climate Risks in Resilient Cities", covering urban rail transit, the spread of extreme climate risks in the global value chain, clean power, Topics such as air pollution and limited feedback information. The overall discussion was lively and interesting, sparking ideas.

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    China Public Safety Conference-Young Scientists Forum on "Resilience and Risk"
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    The organizers are teachers from the Institute of Public Safety of Tsinghua University and members of the Management Science Project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, including the research group of Professor Guan Dabo from the Department of Earth System Science of Tsinghua University (including me), the research group of Professor Chen Bin of Beijing Normal University, etc., a total of around 20 people.
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    11/12/2023 14:00 - 18:00
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    UTC -8
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