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    English, luganda
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Greetings, residents of Bulenga! I am Nkoyoyo Hannington, and I am thrilled to extend an invitation to an upcoming session on climate and disaster preparedness. In collaboration with the esteemed Climate X program facilitators, we aim to explore crucial insights that will empower our community.

Join us for an enlightening event where we delve into the impacts of climate change, local vulnerabilities, and proactive measures for disaster resilience. With a focus on sustainable practices, we aspire to equip Bulenga with the knowledge needed to build a resilient and thriving community.

Your presence is invaluable, as together, we embark on a journey towards a more sustainable and secure future. Be part of this informative session, and let's shape the resilience of Bulenga, one insight at a time.

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    Nkoyoyo Hannington
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    Nkoyoyo Hannington 25 years old a student of law at Makerere University, a community Youth leader and Gauc climate x leadership program participant
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    11/20/2023 09:00 - 11:00
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    UTC +3
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