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In a context of climate change, biodiversity loss and public health issues, society has exerted more and more pressure on food and farming systems. Farmers must adapt to many regulations and consumer expectations, while ensuring their adequate management of their local ecosystem and their interaction with the supply chain. The food industry and distribution chains have historically heavily influenced trends in production and consumption.

Here we would like to raise the awareness of our current food and agriculture system and spread the importance of its impact towards our society and climate change. Our event would be held in 3 parts:

Part I: What Now - Current Situation of Food and Agriculture Towards Climate (4:30pm to 4:45pm CET)
Part II: Why we should concern - Film Sharing "Eating Our Way to Extinction" (4:45pm to 6:05pm CET)
Part II: How could we do - Guest Speaker Roundup by Mr. Henri Landes, Professor from Sciences Po Paris & Founder of LanDestini + Youth Discussion Session (6:05 CET to 6:30pm CET)

The event would be held online through zoom. Hope to see you !

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    Climate X Sciences Po
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    We are a group of Sciences Po student who participated in the GAUC Climate x Leadership Program 2023. Today climate change has been evolved into multidisciplinary context which we have to consider topics that we used to neglect. This time, we want to draw the concern in our daily food and agriculture system with climate change and sustainability context. In any case, there is no future if we have nothing to eat.
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    11/23/2023 16:30 - 18:30
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    UTC +1
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