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    Youth and Education
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    Saudi Arabia
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As part of the highly anticipated "Mostaqbli Major's Fair" youth festival, we are thrilled to host the "Educate to Mitigate: Climate Change" pavilion.

Through interactive exhibits and engaging discussions, we aim to educate attendees on how various fields of study can play a role in climate action efforts.

Explore how future doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals can support community resilience against rising temperatures and respiratory illnesses. Discover the promising innovations in renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure being developed by engineering students.

Hear creative ideas from art, design and media majors on raising awareness and motivating positive social change. Uncover the environmental policies and legal frameworks under consideration by law students.
And find out how bright entrepreneurship minds in business administration are working to green our economy and drive low-carbon growth.

Whether considering career paths or simply interested in protecting our homeland, all are welcome to join us and learn the diverse yet complementary contributions each major can make a positive impact to mitigate climate change!

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    Mostaqbli is a non-profit youth organization based in Al-Qatif, Saudi Arabia. It was founded in 2015 with the goal of empowering and developing youth in the Qatif region. The word "Mostaqbli" means "future" in Arabic. The organization aims to help young people shape their own future through educational and technical programs. It organizes various events, workshops and competitions focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Popular programs include coding classes, robotics workshops, and technology fairs where youth can showcase projects. Mostaqbli also provides mentorship opportunities where university students and professionals volunteer to guide younger members. Over the years it has grown significantly and now has thousands of registered youth members across Qatif. Many members have gone on to pursue technical education and careers after being introduced to new interests through Mostaqbli. The organization is run by a young team of volunteers and relies on partnerships with local businesses and universities for resources. It aims to empower Saudi youth through technical skills and innovation.
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    They can be reached through their social media accounts
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    11/22/2023 00:00 - 11/25/2023 00:00
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    UTC +3
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  • 11/22/2023 00:00 - 11/25/2023 00:00 Ended