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    United States
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    New York
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En-ROADS is a global climate simulator that allows users to explore the impact that dozens of policies, such as electrifying transport, pricing carbon, and improving agricultural practices, have on hundreds of factors like energy prices, temperature, air quality, and sea level rise.

Developed by Climate Interactive, the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative, and Ventana Systems, En-ROADS is a system dynamics model carefully grounded in the best available science, and has been calibrated against a wide range of existing integrated assessment, climate, and energy models. En-ROADS runs on an ordinary laptop in a fraction of a second, is freely available online, offers an intuitive user-friendly interface, and is available in over a dozen languages.

En-ROADS helps people make connections between things they care about and the possibilities available to help ensure a resilient future. Users can quickly see the long-term effects of the global climate policies and actions they imagine. The goal? To break through the noise and equip elected officials, business leaders, and others with the knowledge they need to implement equitable and high-leverage climate solutions. You can learn more about the science behind the simulator here.

A wide range of people have led En-ROADS events, including several national government leaders, a president of a major philanthropic foundation, chief sustainability officers, university professors, citizen leaders, and educators the world over. Facilitators from diverse backgrounds bring En-ROADS insights to their community through our interactive group experiences.

The En-ROADS Climate Ambassador Program is a unique leadership opportunity intended for highly-motivated facilitators who run En-ROADS events. En-ROADS Climate Ambassadors are committed to mastering the tools and spreading data-driven climate insights across the globe. En-ROADS team works closely with the Ambassadors to grow our network, run international events, and deliver crucial insights to decision-makers using the En-ROADS Simulator.

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    Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN)
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    SDSN Youth educates young people about the Sustainable Development Goals and provides opportunities for them to pioneer innovative solutions to address the world's biggest challenges. With this aim, we create platforms for young people to connect, collaborate and integrate their ideas and perspectives into national and regional pathways for the implementation of the SDGs.
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    11/20/2023 12:00 - 13:00
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    UTC -5
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