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    Youth and Education
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a discussion of different delegates from varying backgrounds about how youth can take action against climate change and their role in creating greener communities

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    Nazanin Ajam, Dubai Ministry of education, etc.
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    Nazanin Ajam is a pharmacy student from Ajman University in the United Arab Emirates who is currently an active participant in the Climate x Leadership program, where her enthusiasm for sustainability has taken center stage. Although without specific prior experience, Nazanin recently showcased her commitment to environmental causes by participating in an intercollege sustainability speaking competition. Inspired by her studies in pharmacy, she recognized the potential for sustainable solutions in the drug manufacturing industry, motivating her to engage with initiatives like Climate x Leadership. As she embarks on the journey of becoming a sustainability ambassador, Nazanin eagerly embraces the opportunity to learn, contribute, and inspire positive change within the Climate x Leadership community
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    12/09/2023 12:00 - 13:00
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    UTC +4
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