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    Youth and Education
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As a response to Global Climate Week, Shanghai Pudong Yixing Biodiversity Research Center and TECC(Technology & Education: Connecting Cultures)of Fudan University are holding an orienteering event, hoping participants can join to practice a sustainable living lifestyle and to promote the idea of low carbon concept and the knowledge of climate change to the public.
This orienteering is held in Century Park in Shanghai, China. Includes four small challenges and two checkpoints. By participating in the orienteering, Participants can have a better understanding of climate change by learning some fun climate change knowledge from posters that were handmade from recycled cardboard, challenging a fun climate change quiz game, and so on. After completing all quests, participants can bring home a little surprise gift.

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    Shanghai Pudong Yixing Biodiversity Research Center & TECC(Technology & Education: Connecting Cultures)of Fudan University
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    Shanghai Pudong Yixing Biodiversity Research Center was established in 2017. Committed to the popular science, research, and protection of biodiversity, disseminate the concept of biodiversity conservation and human health, and protect the green environment and biodiversity through practical actions to promote the harmonious and healthy development of humans and the environment. Focus on citizens’ confusion towards issues such as blue carbon, marine diversity, and low green carbon practice. Aim to serve children and families by publishing a series of picture books and manuals of marine biodiversity protection contents, and to establish a systematic marine blue carbon education system to help teenagers understand more about marine knowledge. Walk into various elementary and middle schools in Shanghai and carry out “net-zero future” experimental classes, promoting the idea of green ecological environment protection. TECC(Technology & Education: Connecting Cultures)of Fudan University was established in 2004. Aims to narrow the educational gap between the Middle West and developed East regions through technological and educational methods, thereby promoting the economic and industrial development and cultural progress of underdeveloped regions in China, with the help of socially responsible young volunteers. To create sustainable and scalable public welfare from the perspective of youth. In 2023, TECC of Fudan University established an Eco-environmental Conservation department, hoping to promote ecological protection concepts, let more people understand relevant scientific knowledge and protection methods, and find more possibilities for protecting the environment.
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    11/12/2023 15:00 - 16:30
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    UTC +8
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