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    Youth and Education
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    Sidi Kacem
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In my presentation at Boumeggouti Private School in Sidi Kacem for 1st-year junior high school students, we delved into the often-overlooked impact of plastic on our climate. The session kicked off with an exploration of the widespread use of plastic in our daily lives and its broader consequences. We specifically addressed how plastic production contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, playing a role in climate change. Through engaging visuals and examples, we discussed the importance of reducing single-use plastic, emphasized recycling efforts, and highlighted the broader implications for a sustainable future. The aim was to empower the students of Boumeggouti Private School with knowledge about the hidden environmental costs of plastic consumption, fostering a sense of responsibility and encouraging eco-friendly habits in the context of their local community in Sidi Kacem.

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    Etablissement Boumeggouti
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    The Boumeggouti Establishment, a private school in Sidi-Kacem, provides the following services: Kindergarten, Primary, and Junior high School.
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    0537 59 04 03
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    11/24/2023 17:00 - 18:30
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    UTC +1
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