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    Youth and Education
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TEDxCUC is officially authorized by TED to provide a platform for teachers, students, and alumni to share their knowledge, thoughts, and feelings.
The intersection of future technology, digital media, and the innovative fusion of media, art, and technology. The event features insights into the personal journeys, entrepreneurial experiences, creative works, and unique innovative perspectives of our speakers, including the CEO of one of the fastest-growing companies in the new energy sector and the founder of a popular online video platform dedicated to cutting-edge technology education for youth.
Event Highlights:
Gain insights into the latest trends and developments in future technology, digital media, and the intersection of media, art, and technology.
Hear first-hand accounts of entrepreneurial journeys, creative works, and innovative perspectives from leading figures in the industry.
Network with other attendees and industry professionals, fostering opportunities for collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

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    Infinite X
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    To build an innovative and international diversified all-media community for public welfare, Infinite X will continue to pay attention to and focus on public welfare media projects. The club collaborates closely with Beijing TEDx, cutting-edge technology, and international public welfare organizations.
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    11/18/2023 00:00 - 17:00
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    UTC +8
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