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    Policy Research
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Youth-Led Climate Action- Discussing how young people can drive change in climate policy and what they can do to get involved.
Monday, Nov 20 • 5:00 – 6:00 PM
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    The Zoba Advisory and CampusJustice
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    The Zoba Advisory is a youth advisory group that offers professional services to organizations seeking to accelerate progress towards achieving planet net zero. Our team is dedicated to staying ahead of the game by providing expert consultancy, policy drafting, research, capacity building, and community development projects. At Zoba Advisory, we understand the urgency of addressing the global climate crisis. Our mission is to assist organizations in their journey towards a sustainable future. Through our comprehensive consultancy services, we offer tailored solutions to help businesses and institutions navigate the complexities of achieving net zero emissions. One of our core strengths lies in our ability to draft effective policies that align with the latest environmental standards and regulations. Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with your organization to develop robust strategies that not only meet your sustainability goals but also ensure compliance with international guidelines. In addition to policy drafting, we conduct extensive research to provide our clients with valuable insights and data-driven recommendations. Our research projects are designed to identify innovative approaches, emerging technologies, and best practices that can drive sustainable growth and reduce carbon footprints. Recognizing the importance of capacity building, we offer specialized training programs to empower individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills necessary to implement sustainable practices. Our workshops and seminars cover a wide range of topics, including renewable energy, waste management, and sustainable supply chain management. We believe in the power of community engagement and collaboration. Through our community development projects, we foster partnerships between organizations and local communities to create shared value and promote sustainable development. By involving stakeholders at every step, we ensure that our initiatives have a lasting positive impact on both the environment and society. Host Profile: Chinazaekpere Ofodile Global Youth Climate Leader Chinazaekpere Ofodile is is a dedicated human rights advocate deeply committed to empowering women and youth in climate actions. As a distinguished Global Youth Delegate on Climate Change, he actively engages in international efforts to combat pressing environmental challenges, amplifying youth voices on a global platform. He received the prestigious Climate Change Champion award from the Sustainable Development Solution Network in 2022. Additionally, he is the visionary founder of Campus4Justice at the University of Nigeria, a transformative initiative that drives positive change, empowering students to promote justice and human rights on campus and beyond. As a Climate X Leadership fellow and Citizen Diplomat of the People's Accord, he pioneers innovative approaches that foster inclusivity and human rights in climate action, utilizing cutting-edge blockchain technology to drive impact and transformation. Below is the link to his LinkedIn profile: Host Profile: Chizoba Nzeakor is an Award winning Climate champion, Innovator, Researcher, Advocate and Entrepreneur, she is a recognized future leader in the field of climate and clean energy. She was recently acknowledged by the Aspen Institute at the Aspen Ideas Climate Summit in Miami Beach 2023, awarded the African SDG Achievers award 2023 by the African SDG Summit, for her role in Climate actions, She was Awarded an MBA Scholarship by the Quantic School of Business and Technology, Washington DC also for her role in taking Climate actions. She is a member of Forbes BLK, the Queen's Commonwealth Youth Trust Network. She is a member of the Commonwealth Sustainable Energy Transition Youth Executive, Youngo a(UNFCCC) and SDG 7 Youth Constituency. A Climate and Clean Energy Professional and an MBA candidate at Quantic Business School. She is the Founder and CEO of Climate Technology Solutions, Zoba Advisory, and Caroline Raphael Events. She is also a Fellow at Student Energy and a UN-SDSN Localpathways Fellow.
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    11/20/2023 17:00 - 18:00
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    UTC +1
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